All-In-One Nutrition and Fitness Schedule


To stay fit and healthy you should follow a fitness schedule and along with that eat right which is mandatory to get the sexy look you want. There is a 21-day fix program available which will guide you through the entire process. A standard question that would arise in your mind is the curiosity to know what is the 21 day fix calendar.

If you wish to be a conscious eater then you can track the foods you eat and look for its nutritional values through

The calendar will guide you and let you stay motivated. The nutrition program can be made use for both men and women. Following the meal calendar and DVD-based workouts, you can get the best body in a shorter duration of time.

Many people think that may get easily bored doing a workout in front of a DVD player but the workout exercies differ each day making you feel fresh. The varieties in a workout and the clean ingredients in small portions will quicken the weight loss.

The main advantage of the program is that you can continue the workout during travel and you can work out at your own convenience. For people who feel lazy to hit the gym for workout these kind of workout DVDs are a lifesaver. The workouts are unique and will initiate your body to lose maximum calories in less duration of time. You need not spend a whole lot of time in front of the DVD player but see to that you spend at least 30 minutes every day of the week.Initially, 30 minutes may sound like a lot of time but once you start practicing you will never feel like taking even 1-day break and will feel a lot more energetic at the end of the day.
Initially, to start with you can do the workout once a day for the first 2 weeks and later on can do additional workouts 2 times a day. Since there are no fixed time slots you can do your workouts whenever you have some free time.
The workout schedule will be different each day and on an overall six strategies will be provided for complete fitness. Few of the strategies are cardio, yoga, pilates, aerobics and much more. Each strategy has its own unique benefits. For example, yoga will help in stretching your muscles and will lead to deep relaxation. Further, it will improve the body flexibility which in turn will make you perform the other exercises easily.

The cardio workout will increase the heart rate and will increase the metabolic rate which will be helpful in burning calories easily.

There are very fewer chances to perform the workouts in a wrong way and you will need very fewer equipment to perform the daily workouts. If you have the basic accessories like the weights and yoga mat then you are good to start. If you already don’t have them handy then you can purchase them at a cheaper rate as they are not included along with the program.

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